Kromlech Break Up Their Bases Into Scenic Concrete Slabs

January 31, 2018 by dracs

Kromlech has released some new scenic bases, sending your miniatures scurrying of the fractured remains of Concrete Slabs. The new releases include Oval bases of 75mm and 105mm.

Concrete Slab 75mm

Concrete Slab 105mm

These come alongside an 80mm round base.

Concrete Slab 80mm

Each of the bases speaks of an apocalyptic setting, where a place of industry has been reduced to rubble. Those always make the perfect battlegrounds!

The bases have an eye-catching design, without becoming so busy that they make it impossible to base a model on them. I could see them being used for Dark Age, and other such bleak games of post-apocalyptic carnage.

Do you like scenic bases, or do you prefer to model your own?

"Each of the bases speaks of an apocalyptic setting..."

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