Build Britain’s Rural Abodes With Printable Scenery’s Country & King

August 15, 2022 by brennon

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More 3D Printing awesomeness awaits from Printable Scenery over on Kickstarter right now. They are in the midst of their campaign to bring a whole host of new STL Files to your home printers with Country & King.

Country & King Kickstarter - Printable Scenery

Country & King Kickstarter // Printable Scenery

Country & King is a way of printing off terrain that would be as at home in the Medieval era as it would the modern day. There are awesome terrain pieces here that mimic the houses, churches, manors and castles that we find dotted around the British landscape.

Norman Manor - Printable Scenery

Norman Manor // Printable Scenery

There is a brilliant selection of different buildings to choose from right now including the likes of the Norman Church, Cottages, low Stone Walls and even massive pieces like the Manor and Keep.

Norman Manor & Keep - Printable Scenery

Norman Manor & Keep // Printable Scenery

All of the terrain has been designed for 28/32mm wargaming but you could easily play around with it if you were looking to use it for a variety of different games. What's nice about the collection as a whole is it allows you to build basically an entire English country village on your tabletop.

The Estate - Printable Scenery

The Estate // Printable Scenery

You could imagine villagers and nobles walking through the streets during a Medieval game or two. Equally, you could also see soldiers from the English Civil War or perhaps something as recent as World War II fighting amongst these buildings. You could go a little bit of a "what if?" as German troops find themselves moving through English villages rather than fighting over in Normandy.

Ruined Church - Printable Scenery

Ruined Church // Printable Scenery

There's also no reason why you can't go down the Fantasy route with these terrain pieces either. Because they hit the nail on the head when it comes to "Medieval Fantasy", you could include these within all manner of games that have that Western European Fantasy aesthetic.

Ruins - Printable Scenery

Ruins // Printable Scenery

I think that's certainly the case when it comes to some of the ruins like those we're seeing here. They seem like perfect showdown locations for you and your followers to take on a dark and terrifying vampire.

Cottage - Printable Scenery

Cottage // Printable Scenery

As is the way with Printable Scenery's campaigns, there are loads of good options in their core pledges but loads of stretch goals and add-ons too. So, if you're really interested in building an English village then you won't be looking too far for ideas.

Make sure to head on over to the Kickstarter to see more and tell us if you'll be snapping up these kits!

" allows you to build basically an entire English country village on your tabletop"

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