Brutal Cities Showcase New Range Of Tabletop Terrain

April 28, 2020 by brennon

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We do like seeing new terrain options for our tabletop games and one such company is Brutal Cities. They are working on a great range of Sci-Fi pieces.

Brutal Cities Terrain #1 - Brutal Cities.jpg

The terrain that youโ€™re seeing previewed here is laser-cut MDF which is packed with detail and designed to provide you with an alternative to other ranges.


The new collection is called Bruteopolis and is inspired by the modern and brutalist architecture of our world whilst bringing in influences from Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk games. Currently, it is designed to suit 28/32mm games but there will be 15mm options coming soon too.



The collection so far is looking great and we will be keeping an eye on what they have coming up. It will be neat to see what they do once they look to other genres like Fantasy!

Are you going to be keeping an eye on their website to see what theyโ€™ve got coming up?

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