Carolina’s Bookstore Comes To Rock Ridge From Burn In Designs

May 20, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

There's nothing better than adding more character to your existing towns on your game table. This week Burn In Designs has added a new store to the Rock Ridge range, Carolina's Bookstore.

BID bookstore

This piece is scaled to fit into 25-35mm games and is intended to add plenty of detail as well as useable gaming space to your town.

BID bookstore5

This building is designed as three floors, counting the roof, of beautifully detailed store space to insert into your games.

BID bookstore3

BID bookstore2

Each floor lifts off to expose the useable space below, so you're left with a terrain piece that not only adds a great story to your scene, but provides plenty of cover and great line of sight options to stage your battles against the enemies.

What game would you use Carolina's Bookstore for on the table?

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