Explore Amazing Hagglethorn Terrain From Tabletop Troubadour Games

August 21, 2018 by brennon

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Johnny Fraser-Allen has been sculpting some sterling stuff over the years, including the models for River Horse's Labyrinth. He is now turning his hand to terrain with Hagglethorn Hollow under the guise of the Tabletop Troubadour.

Hagglethorn Hollow #1 - Tabletop Troubadour

The world of Hagglethorn Hollow is hand sculpted and bursts to life as you get ready to head out on a Fantasy adventure. All of the buildings are entirely modular as well as you'll see in the video below from Adam Savage on Tested.

The buildings mentioned in the video are going to be part of a Kickstarter that goes live at the end of September on the 26th. The set will be plastic and, as mentioned above, entirely modular.

Johnny does some amazing stuff and as you wander through his terrain collection I was blown away by the trees!

Hagglethorn Hollow #2 - Tabletop Troubadour

You'll have to take a closer look at the 'trees' on his tabletop because they're not just normal woodland furnishing. These are living creatures, wandering around the woodland. Honestly, there are some stunning pieces as part of this collection and I hope they make their way to the tabletop once Hagglethorn Hall has delivered.

Hagglethorn Hollow Sculpting - Tabletop Troubadour

Beyond what's available in the Kickstarter all of the Terrain will be available as STL files for download in the future as well. The costs have been kept low so that this can be achieved at home and Johnny has explained that house paints are actually better for painting this kind of terrain than your standard model paints!

Honestly, this terrain set has blown me away. His tabletop looks amazing and I would love to play on it...oh, and the Kickstarter is going to blow up I'm sure!

Will you be checking this out in more detail?

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