3D-Print-Terrain Brings Normandy Terrain To Your 3D Printer

April 18, 2017 by stvitusdancern

If you have been following me lately, you would know that I have been working on several 3D printing projects.

3 Scales of print

One thing I have been looking for is some good buildings that I can use in WWII Europe amongst other battles. 3D-Print-Terrain has come to Kickstarter to get help funding their next project: Printable Tabletop Terrain Normandy D-Day.

In this campaign, they are working to offer several different buildings and other terrain options that are stylised like Normandy France.

As always the pledges come in varying amounts. You can start off with a single building or up your pledge to get multiple buildings to outfit a small town or maybe even replicate St Mere Eglise

The buildings are designed at the 20/22mm scales but through the magic of software can easily be scaled to other sizes big and small.

So no matter what game system you play you will have access to some amazing pieces of terrain and with the stretch goals, you might have access to a church, farms and even a lighthouse.

There will even be damaged versions of some of the houses. I am very interested in getting a few of these files and taking a look at how well they print. I am very excited each time I see a new 3D printing project that comes out for wargamers.

What do you think about 3D printing and gaming?

"...get multiple buildings to outfit a small town or maybe even replicate St Mere Eglise"

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