Hobby Lab Open Challenge – Create Your Own Fresh Water Terrain!

January 8, 2017 by lancorz

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With Bootcamps underway and a Wintery holiday closing in we've decided to postpone the Fresh Water Terrain Challenge until a little later. This way you can find some time during your holidays to get out the crafting equipment and join in too!

Hobby Lab Open Challenge: Fresh Water

Create Your Own Fresh Water Terrain

...and share it with us in the forums.

What Is Fresh Water Terrain?

We're looking for people to make interesting terrain pieces based on the kind of terrain you would find around Fresh Water areas inland. This could be fishing huts, jetties, bridges, boats or even actual terrain features to do with water including rivers, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, lochs, and swamps.

Let your mind go wild and explore what possibilities are open to you across all manner of genres. A good tip might be to hit up Google and check out the waterways of Britain!

How Does The Competition Work?

The competition will run from the 27th October 2016 until 31st December 2016 and we'll be reporting on the projects that you have been working on throughout the competition.

To share your terrain we’re going to be opening up the Hobby Forums for you to create Projects which we will delve into and keep an eye on throughout the competition. Some tips for you…

  • Pick a good Descriptive Name for your Forum Topic (or Project Log – Our Team will also be keeping the names tidy etc to make them easy to find)
  • Make sure to Tag your entry with 'Fresh Water' and label it as Hobby Lab Open Challenge.
  • Post plenty of pics of sketches, materials etc
  • Enjoy posting and answering questions – everyone loves terrain!

Who is going to be the team behind this I hear you ask…


…well, we have a great bunch of folks helping out in that regard.

Quite an esteemed list of judges I think you’ll agree!


At the end of it all, we’ll also be awarding prizes, which include £50 gift vouchers redeemable at 4Ground. You can win based on…

  • Best Scatter Terrain Idea (Best use of items, versatility of the terrain etc)
  • Best Project Log in the Forums (Best and most instructive project log in the forums)
  • Best Executed Entry (Technical and Execution Excellence – it must look amazing)
  • Best Entry From a Junior Beast! (Open to those under the age of 16)
  • Ultimate Terrain Maker

Remember it’s all for fun as we're sharing ideas and learning together – prizes are just the sprinkles on top! We already have some amazing projects going on in the forums so why don't  you get your topic in too!

Check out all the topics here

What are you waiting for? Get involved!

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