Join Hobgoblin-3D In The Tavern With New Kickstarter

December 1, 2017 by stvitusdancern

In our quest to keep out 3D printers busy we are always looking out for other projects. Currently on Kickstarter is a new campaign to bring you more terrain for your next fantasy setting.

Tavern-Born™: Raghaven Hamlet - 3D Printable 28mm Terrain is a project by Hobgoblin-3D to bring to you a variety of terrain pieces along with some fantasy buildings.

There is the main piece a two-story tavern along with many options for scatter terrain to help set the atmosphere. The files will be sent to you once they are complete for you to print on your printer at home.

They will be in 28mm but you can scale them to just about any size in your slicer software. I am always tempted by 3D printing projects and have backed several others in the past.

The costs are very reasonable as well, so take a look for yourself and see if this is right for you. It is already well funded with over a month still left to go.

Are you thirsty? Will you join me at the tavern?

"I am always tempted by 3D printing projects..."

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