New Frostgrave Terrain Range: Kromlech | Tabletop Scenics Reveal Trailer

June 3, 2020 by crew

Kromlech has today released their reveal trailer for the stunning new Tabletop Scenics range of Frostgrave terrain, in conjunction with Osprey Games, which is going to be available for you to buy on June 8th.

New Frostgrave Terrain Range: Kromlech | Tabletop Scenics Reveal Trailer

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The terrain collection is looking absolutely amazing and features a selection of big Frostgrave buildings, plenty of smaller ruins and labyrinthine for you to get lost in plus some scatter terrain which will be handy when you're taking cover from spells and arrows flying in all directions.

Frostgrave Terrain; A Closer Look

You will have seen the trailer for the new Frostgrave terrain above but here are few of the snapshots we took from it to show off the buildings and also what you'll be getting when the range launches.

Frostgrave Terrain #1 - Kromlech

Atop The Bell Tower

One of the key elements of this terrain is that it is going to be modular and tuned to fit the world of Frostgrave and those who play games within it. That means plenty of space to move your models in and around the terrain whilst also offering you plenty of scope to add bits and pieces as you see fit.

Frostgrave Terrain #2 - Kromlech.jpg

In The Depths Of The Silent Tower

Frostgrave is a game which is very much about those tense skirmishes and clashes between individuals so you want terrain which feels like its interactive and fun to play in. So, having buildings which have nice interiors like this and doors that open really does give you a chance to tinker and add a bit of narrative to proceedings.

Frostgrave Terrain #3 - Kromlech

Raiding The Merchants House

Frostgrave Terrain #4 - Kromlech.jpg

Battling For The Enchanted Well

Frostgrave Terrain #5 - Kromlech

Skirmishing In The City Ruins

At this point, it would make sense to break down what kind of terrain you're going to be getting in this set. There is a lot of it on the way which should help you theme things around specific areas of Felstad, tuned to fit the scenarios from the main book and its expansions.

Frostgrave Terrain; What's Coming?

Here is a rundown of the different kits that they have talked about and shown off in the video.

Enchanted Well - Silent Tower - Merchants House

Cemetary - Bell Tower - Mausoleum

Sacred Temple - City Ruins - Derelict Warehouse

Town Ruins - Haunted Houses - City Debris

Living Museum - Marketplace Remains - Stepped Pyramid

So that's fifteen different sets which are going to be released when this range hits next week. As you can tell from some of the screenshots we've taken here, there is a lot of really fun pieces in the mix that are full of cool ideas. I particularly like the Living Museum (pictured below) with all of its eerie nooks and crannies for you to explore.

Frostgrave Terrain #9 - Kromlech

Inside The Spooky Living Museum

There is a lot of superb kits coming out which have got our minds racing. We might even get around to playing a bit of Frostgrave if we get the chance after this lockdown is over. I know that for me (Ben), it is certainly one of those games that got away and with Frostgrave 2nd Edition coming soon, it seems a perfect time to dive in.

Frostgrave Terrain #6 - Kromlech.jpg

Protecting The Merchants House

Frostgrave Terrain #7 - Kromlech

Defeating The Dead At The Mausoleum

Frostgrave Terrain #8 - Kromlech.jpg

Atop The City Ruins

Frostgrave Terrain #10 - Kromlech.jpg

Taking Cover Behind The Remains Of Frostgrave's Felstad

That is a pretty awesome set of terrain I think you'll agree and this should just be the starting point for the partnership between Kromlech's Tabletop Scenics and Osprey Games for Frostgrave. I am very much looking forward to lots more scenario-specific terrain perhaps and what they do to suit any new books which come out after the launch of Frostgrave 2nd Edition.

Frostgrave 2nd Edition Coming Soon

With all of that terrain coming, it seems like an apt time to remind folks that the 2nd Edition of Frostgrave is coming in August 2020.

Frostgrave 2nd Edition.jpg

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Here is what you've got to look out for

"This new edition of the multi-award-winning fantasy skirmish wargame offers improved rules based on years of player feedback, a revised spell list, and a host of brand-new scenarios. It remains fully compatible with all previously published Frostgrave supplements, allowing players to revisit past adventures as well as face new challenges. Choose a wizard from one of ten schools of magic, and select from a list of eighty spells. Hire a warband filled with soldiers, from lowly thugs and thieves to mighty knights and barbarians, then lead your men into the frozen ruins of the magic city of Frostgrave on the hunt for ancient treasures and the secrets of lost magic. Be warned - it is a deadly place, filled with rival wizards, wandering monsters, animated constructs, and demonic entities. Do you dare enter the Frozen City one more time?"

So, with the terrain being released in June you've got plenty of time to get your tabletops ready before you dive in and play the new edition of the game.

Are you excited to play around with this terrain?

"'ve got plenty of time to get your tabletops ready before you dive in and play the new edition of the game"

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