Fight Over L’Isola Del Faro Terrain Set In TTCombat’s Carnevale

May 29, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat has a rather splendid terrain kit for you to snap up, now available to get your hands on via their webstore. The 32mm L'isola del Faro MDF kit has been designed to be dropped into the heart of Carnevale games and seems like a great place for a climactic clash.

Lisola del Faro - Carnevale

L'isola del Faro // Carnevale

The "Lighthouse Island" comes with a larger lighthouse structure in the centre and seems like the place where a secret treasure might have been stuffed! I also like the idea of one or more warbands perhaps seeking to turn off the lighthouse so that they can sink ships. I could see the Rasharr wanting to do that so they can take those souls and either feast on them or offer them up to something dark and mysterious.

Lighthouse - Carnevale

Lighthouse // Carnevale

As you can see, it looks like a sizable bit of terrain and there is plenty of space for you to be running around and skirmishing. You've got plenty of space to slot your miniatures in around the base of the structure and up on top.

The full set looks fantastic and I like that it comes with some bonus bits and pieces as well which help build on the narrative.

Lisola del Faro Terrain - Carnevale

L'isola del Faro - Terrain // Carnevale

The set comes with dock tiles that can be added to the sides. These can then be used to make a landing place for your boat or a location for cargo to be loaded and unloaded. Both places seem like good spots to set up interactive elements for your games. Maybe your warband arrives by boat or you need to send some cargo crashing into the sea on the other side. Because of its modular nature, you should be able to do some fun stuff with this.

Could you be tempted to go and explore L'isola del Faro with this terrain set?

"Because of its modular nature, you should be able to do some fun stuff with this..."

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