Marvel At The Creative Mine Shaft WWX Table From Rob Hawkins Hobby

September 14, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

If there's one thing in gaming that we all can share, is our appreciation for the time and talent that folks can put into their hobby. Some pictures have surfaced for a recent table made by Rob Hawkins Hobby for Wild West Exodus, that frankly blew my mind.

WWX mine table

He crafted a 4x4 table that not only looks beautiful on the surface, but is built for you to game below. This table is designed for players to game in the mine tunnels below the surface. It was constructed with a lift off portion of forest, which then exposes the elaborate maze of mine tunnels underground.

WWX mine table6

It's complete with mine car tracks and dead ends, and even a cave in!

WWX mine table tracks

WWX mine table cave in

A board like this can really take your game to the next level and perhaps even allow you to play your game differently. On XLBS this weekend, a question was posed about making other games fit into a dungeon delving type of scenario.

WWX mine table car

WWX mine table dead end

To me, something like this could provide exactly that type of game by allowing you to incorporate exploration mechanics into your Wild West scenario.

What do you think of this clever gaming board design?

"It's complete with mine car tracks and dead ends, and even a cave in!"

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