OSHIRO Release New 28mm Medieval/Renaissance Terrain

August 26, 2022 by brennon

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OSHIRO has released two new 28mm terrain kits to their webstore for use with your Medieval and Renaissance-era battles on the tabletop. You're now able to pick up a Townhouse and Outhouse to battle in and around.

Medieval Town House & Outhouse - Oshiro Models

Medieval Town House & Outhouse // OSHIRO

This is what they hope is going to be the first of a larger range of Medieval terrain. Each piece is made in resin and can be opened up and explored allowing you to skirmish around inside them.

Below, you can see what it's like inside the Town House across its various floors.

Medieval Town House & Outhouse Interior - Oshiro Models

Medieval Town House - Interior // OSHIRO

The interior of the buildings has been simplified so that you can play inside them without too much hassle. It's nice to see the floorboards have been included though rather than just a flat sheet of resin. You could very easily just add other bits of scatter terrain if you like to make the buildings feel more lived in.

As mentioned, these terrain pieces would be good for a Medieval scrap. You could also use them for the Renaissance and even Modern tabletops because the style of building hasn't overly changed in some towns and villages across Europe!

Are you going to be picking these up?

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