Build Russian Villages & Anglo-Saxon Hamlets With 4Ground

July 20, 2021 by brennon

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4Ground and Things From The Basement have teamed up on a range of new terrain for you to use in your Historical wargames. We lead with the updated terrain kits from their partnership with Things From The Basement as we head to a Russian Village.

Orthodox Church - 4Ground

Orthodox Church // 4Ground & Things From The Basement

The first piece is this impressive Orthodox Church. This is the typical style of church that you would see dotted around the Russian countryside. As with all of these terrain kits, you can tinker around inside it and set it up as a defensive point for your Soviet soldiers. You also have those grave markers that you can dot around outside.

As well as the Orthodox Church, you can also build on that village feel on the tabletop with these Farm Accessories.

Russian Village Farm Accessories - 4Ground

Russian Village Farm Accessories // 4Ground & Things From The Basement

Whilst this won't do much when it comes to providing, the Pig Sty, Chicken Coop, Trough and Fences will help build up that narrative on the tabletop. I like the idea of setting up a game where the Germans are trying to push up through the village and surrounding farmland to get to the church where important intel is being kept.

The Soviets then have to stage a fighting retreat, trying to stop the Germans at each sector before holding up in the church for a bit of a last stand. Imagine that set up amongst burning houses, fields covered in craters and churned up roads.

Anglo-Saxon Terrain

As well as the offerings from Things From The Basement that have had a nice upgrade, we also have some buildings from the Dark Age too. 4Ground has released two houses that could be used to build a larger village, hamlet or town on the tabletop.

Anglo Saxon House #1 - 4Ground

Anglo Saxon House #1 // 4Ground

Both House #1 and House #2 have been designed in the Cruck Frame style which was common for Anglo-Saxon buildings. They were found all throughout the Norman Conquest but the style continued into the period of The Barons' War and even through to the Civil War.

Anglo Saxon House #2 - 4Ground

Anglo Saxon House #2 // 4Ground

If it ain't broke, why fix it? The houses look great and come pre-painted and shouldn't take long to assemble. Once they are stuck together and the thatch attached, they will be ready to go. Perhaps use them for a raid or two where you've got to set them on fire?

Drop your thoughts below on these recent terrain kits!

"Perhaps use them for a raid or two where you've got to set them on fire?"

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