Sarissa Precision Take Refuge In A Mountain Village

April 15, 2019 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision have built some wonderful new terrain pieces which seem like they would be perfect for those fighting through scenic mountain passes in Feudal Japan.

Mountain Village Hovel & Animal Shelter Set - Sarissa Precision

The first of these sets was so incredibly awesome that I was drawn in immediately. Here we have the Mountain Village Hovel & Animal Shelter set which comes with two little houses for your villagers to live in as well as the animal shelters which keep their ducks, chickens and the like.

You don't get the scenic basing for any of these kits, just as a heads up, and the thatching material has also been added, but other than that these buildings give you the start of a small hamlet in the relative calm of the mountains.

Sensei Macdonald

Following on from this, we have the Mountain Village Farmhouse, a larger structure which might serve as a good place to hold out when bandits come raiding.

Mountain Village Farmhouse - Sarissa Precision

As mentioned above, these pieces would be great for those looking to set the scene in games like Kensei, Torii and of course Test of Honour, which is coming back to the tabletop with its reworked edition soon.

You've got a good range of buildings here, all at different sizes, perfect for those creating tight and dangerous skirmish tabletops.

Industrial Elders

As well as the larger Farmhouse, you can also get yourself the Mountain Village Workshop...

Mountain Village Workshop - Sarissa Precision

...and the Elder's House too. Both of these would work as good focal points for a scrap on the tabletop. Maybe your enemy is trying to raid and destroy your workshop or make their way to the Elder's House in order to make him submit to a new lord who has taken up residence in the area.

Mountain Village Elders House - Sarissa Precision

However you want to approach the storytelling with these pieces of terrain, they provide you with an alternative backdrop to your Feudal Japanese games. Instead of being surrounded by bright and colourful buildings near a city, you've instead got a flavour of the rural world where things are still beautiful but more practical!

This setting seems the perfect place for a lone ronin to wander through only to find himself embroiled in a larger conflict as he pledges to protect the elder and those within the village.

"...these would work as good focal points for a scrap on the tabletop"

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