Sarissa Precision Travel Through Time With Their New Terrain

February 11, 2020 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has released a few new good terrain kits for use across the ages. Leading the way we have the Atakebune which would be a neat vessel to throw into the mix when battling throughout Japan.

Atakabune - Sarissa Precision

Designed and used during the Sengoku period, these boats were effectively floating fortresses rather than boats. You could imagine the deck bristling with Ashigaru and Samurai, arrows flying from the ramparts and even cannons if a Shogun could afford it. I would love to see someone set up a board in coastal waters where multiple Atakebune are battling, fire erupting from them as cannon fire rips through hulls and sets gunpowder alight.

Creaky Shantyboats

As well as this Medieval boat we also have something a bit more modern. Here we have a Shantyboat which would be common in America during the early 1900s through to the 1930s.

Shanty Boat - Sarissa Precision

As the folks at Sarissa Precision have mentioned, this would be a great place for your gang to hide out during a Pulpy adventure, perhaps if they're trying to run hooch into a nearby city. Also, you could easily make a case for these popping up in the modern-day too as a floating safe space to avoid the walking dead.

I love the idea that you could add some bits and bobs to this to make it more post-apocalyptic. Imagine winding some barbed wire around the sides and perhaps even mounting a gun on the top? Once again, I'd love to see an entire scenario based around this watery terrain piece.

Mega-City Hab Zone

We are then heading into the distant future and exploring Mega-City and its Hab Zones with another of the Sarissa releases.

Mega City Hab Zone - Sarissa Precision

This would allow you to build a few different sections of your bustling city which is filled with all sorts of angry gangers and brutal law enforcement officers. I really like the brutal style of the terrain, especially when painted in that boring grey. It also provides you with a nice blank canvas for graffiti so go wild on that front.

As you can see, the set comes with a couple of stairs which should allow you to build up a few levels. Verticality is very important, especially in skirmish games, and I'd love to see what folks could build using this kit.

Are you tempted to snap up some of this terrain? 

"Are you tempted to snap up some of this terrain? "

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