Take Cover Inside Sarissa’s Inuit Huts & Amongst The Trees

August 16, 2022 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has been tinkering with a bunch of new 28mm terrain kits that could be used across Historical and Fantasy wargames. We start with something a little bit different from the norm and their Inuit Huts.

Inuit Huts #1 - Sarissa Precision

Inuit Huts // Sarissa Precision

I had never seen structures like this before but they are often found in some of the most inhospitable Northern climates out there. Sarissa Precision has recommended that you introduce these to your Spy-themed Post-World War II Pulp adventures or perhaps some World War II clashes amongst the Aleutian Islands.

Inuit Huts #2 - Sarissa Precision

Inuit Huts - Removable Roof // Sarissa Precision

Here you can see that you can get inside these buildings once you've popped the roof off. Sarissa also put together a neat idea for adding that realistic earth roof effect with the use of a Kitchen Pad! I like that these terrain kits are something a bit different. They will look unique on tabletops and could provide you with an alternative backdrop for all manner of games including Post-Apocalyptic ones.

New Full Colour Trees

As well as the Inuit Huts, the folks at Sarissa have also been working on some sets of MDF Trees for you to use with your wargaming terrain. If you're in a hurry and don't fancy making trees, these could be an interesting alternative.

Summer Trees - Sarissa Precision

Summer Trees // Sarissa Precision

These full-colour MDF trees just slot together and can be used on the tabletop whenever the need arises. Whilst these might not be for everyone as some will prefer a more natural look, I could see these being handy for people who do a lot of dungeon crawling. You could flat pack these away and then assemble them when you need to create a wilderness encounter in D&D.

Winter Trees - Sarissa Precision

Winter Trees // Sarissa Precision

These smaller Summer and Winter sets from Sarissa could also be mounted onto a larger woodland base so that you can design area terrain with them. I am always on the lookout for other ways to add trees into gaming terrain collections and these seem like a nifty idea.

Forest Set - Sarissa Precision

Forest Set // Sarissa Precision

If you do like the designs, the Forest Set doesn't come in at too high of a price point so you could treat a number of different woodland areas on your tabletop. It would certainly mean you avoid having to tinker with tree armatures and leaves.

Some interesting new ideas from Sarissa that could be handy for all manner of tabletop gamers!

"Sarissa Precision has recommended that you introduce these to your Spy-themed Post-World War II Pulp adventures..."

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