TTCombat’s Desert Of The Dead Range Grows This Weekend

September 22, 2021 by brennon

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TTCombat is expanding on their Desert Of The Dead collection with loads of new miniatures and some additional terrain for budding tomb raiders. Some fascinating new miniatures are on the way for their Mummy force.

Mummy Anubti Warriors - TTCombat

Mummy Anubti Warriors // TTCombat

There are three new sets for you to check out in 28/32mm starting with some of my favourites, the Anubti Warriors. I love these wrapped and desiccated warriors who have burst their way out of tombs in order to fight for their masters once more. I like that they match many of the Egyptian gods on which they are based.

If you're looking to build up the core of your force then you also have this set of Mummy Archers.

Mummy Archers - TTCombat

Mummy Archers // TTCombat

Some gnarly looking warriors I think you'll agree! They should be fairly easy to paint when it comes to their dirty bandages and ruined flesh with spots of blue, cream and gold finishing them off. A good start to an army of the dead.

You can also drop in a massive war machine for you to use when crushing your foes from afar. A neat take on the Sphinx which has been turned into a rolling piece of artillery..

Mummy Catapult - TTCombat

Mummy Catapult // TTCombat

There are some great miniatures for you to snap up and get painting which is cool but if you're more of a dungeon delver then you will also be able to pick up the Desert Of The Dead Tomb Dungeon!

Desert Of The Dead Tomb Dungeon - TTCombat

Desert Of The Dead Tomb Dungeon // TTCombat

This is a sprawling complex that would be absolutely amazing to delve into with your Fantasy adventurers. I really like the multi-levelled elements they have added into this with the traps and pits. It helps to add to the dynamism of the piece and tell some cool stories.

That really is an absolutely stunning set that would be brilliant to play through. Imagine it with lights flickering from little LEDs and smoke drifting through those passageways!

What do you make of these new miniatures and terrain sets?

"...if you're more of a dungeon delver then you will also be able to pick up the Desert Of The Dead Tomb Dungeon! "

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