Black Library’s New Warhammer 40,000 & Age Of Sigmar Novels

December 7, 2020 by brennon

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Black Library was the focus of this weekend's livestream by Games Workshop. They delved into a series of interviews talking to many authors who are working away on novels for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar. All the interviews have been posted below that were featured on the livestream.

Mortis Interview // John French

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Godblight Interview // Guy Haley

Guy Hayley continues building on what's available as part of this new series of books looking at the world of Warhammer 40,000 as it is right now with new versions of Dark Imperium and Dark Imperium: Plague War.

Dark Imperium - Black Library

Dark Imperium // Black Library

This is a pretty neat window into what the world is like right now as the big lad known as Guilliman begins to carve a bloody swathe through a fractured Imperium. Sticking with the theme of Space Marines we also have more from Graham McNeill.

The Swords Of Calth Interview // Graham McNeill

As well as the new novel from McNeill there is also a new miniature coming up to support it. Captain Uriel Ventris is the main focus of the story and he has now crossed the Rubicon Primaris and he is now ready to slay his way across the galaxy.

Captain Uriel Ventris // Warhammer 40,000

You get can a better look at the miniature in the image below, showing off how they've translated the artwork over to the miniature. I think he looks pretty on point although I think you could tidy up the head a little bit more? Obviously, I couldn't paint my miniatures anywhere near as well as they have but that's just my thought!

Captain Uriel Ventris - Warhammer 40K

Captain Uriel Ventris // Warhammer 40,000

It's always nice seeing the characters from the novels be turned into miniatures. More often than not people end up cobbling and bitz bashing together their own versions of these characters anyway so getting an official version is very cool!

The mighty Dan Abnett is also involved and has been exploring what's happening as part of his Bequin series of novels.

Pariah Interview // Dan Abnett

Sticking with the idea of badass warrior women there was also a chat with Nick Kyme about what he has been working on as part of The Book Of Martyrs.

The Book Of Martyrs Interview // Nick Kyme

There are also a number of other Warhammer 40,000 stories featured as part of the preview which you can see HERE if you missed them. There is a new Alpharius book plus Dawn of Fire: The Gate Of Bones which follows a big cast of characters. There is also a massive background tome on the way called Liber Xenologis which looks at the lore behind many of the alien races in the grimdark future. Oh, and Ghazghkull Thraka: Prophet Of The Waaagh! for Ork fans!

Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar Books

As well as all of these previews for what's coming for Warhammer 40,000 we also had a peek at two new books for The Mortal Realms as well. We start with Gitslayer, the second full novel which follows Gotrek Gurnisson who has arrived in Age Of Sigmar as grumpy as ever.

Gitslayer - Black Library

Gitslayer // Black Library

In this story, Darius Hicks has the greatest slayer in the Warhammer world heading to the Realm Of Chamon in order to try and rid himself of the Fyreslayer rune that is now embedded in his chest. The greenskins have other plays of course and Gotrek will find himself going up against an ancient foe of the Dwarfs.

From Dwarves (Duardin) to Aelves. In The End Of Enlightenment, the Lumineth Realm-lords find themselves pitted against the forces of Nagash who dare assault the Realm Of Hysh.

The End Of Enlightenment - Black Library

The End Of Enlightenment // Black Library

For those who are hungering for more background to help build up the narrative behind their Age Of Sigmar armies, this might give you a fun set of scenarios to play out. Will you be able to get past all the cow-elves as Lloyd would call them and explore this story?

That was a lot of book talk! It's certainly nice to see that Black Library is still going strong though!

"It's certainly nice to see that Black Library is still going strong though!"

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