A Dark Uprising Awaits As New Necromunda Set Revealed

October 24, 2019 by brennon

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Something sinister stirs down in the darkness of the Underhive as a new gang joins the battle for supremacy in Necromunda thanks to Games Workshop. This is all going to be part of the new Dark Uprising set which introduces the Corpse Grinder Cult into the mix!

Dark Uprising - Necromunda

The new set will come with two full gangs to get you started. You have the previously mentioned Corpse Grinder Cult...

Corpse Grinder Cult - Necromunda

...and going up against them, a set of very stoic and grizzled looking Palanite Enforcers.

Palanite Enforcers - Necromunda

I can see people using that Corpse Grinder Cult in all sorts of different ways, bringing the models into their Kill Teams and Warhammer 40,000 armies as well as using them down in the depths of the Underhive. The same goes for the Palanite Enforcers who I think would be great for use in Kill Team.

Inside the set, you'll also get yourself some Zone Mortalis terrain, a board to play on, rulebook, cards, dice and all the additional accessories too. This seems like a fun new addition to the world of Necromunda which could be a good entry point for those looking to try something different in the Games Workshop hobby.

More Chibi-ness!

As well as the news on Dark Uprising there was also a look at some new Chibi models which will be popping up for collectors.

40K Chibi New - Games Workshop

Here you have an Eversor Assassin, Skitarii Ranger, Primaris Space Marine, Sister Of Battle and finally a Grey Knight. These have been worked on by Bandai so they're a little different in scale and scope from the ones we've seen for the Pop! range but they still look pretty cool.

Do you think you'll be snapping up the new Necromunda set or some of these Chibi figures?

"I can see people using that Corpse Grinder Cult in all sorts of different ways..."

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