New Kill Team Game Detailed By Games Workshop

July 5, 2018 by brennon

Games Workshop has detailed more about Kill Team, the skirmish spin-off to Warhammer 40,000. A big new boxed set is on the way...

Kill Team - Games Workshop

The new boxed set will contain the Core Rules (which will be available separately) as well as everything you need to dive into the game yourself. The two Kill Teams listed in the box are the Skitarii and the Genstealer Cult which can be assembled as you like, or created to a specific design based on what is available in the game box.

There is a neat board and lots of terrain elements also included with the package which is nice so it gives you a landscape to immediately begin fighting through.

The game will feature the Alternative Activation of each of the members of your Kill Team who act as individual soldiers on the battlefield, the use of Tactics which are like a slimmed down version of Strategems and runs just as well with two players as it does with four players which is nice to see.

There is also a promise to hit the Illuminati style triumvirate that Games Workshop have stuck to with their games where it will work in Open, Matched and Narrative play. Narrative play is where I'm at with this as it gives you a chance to play through a series of linked missions with your group.

Kill Team Starter Sets

As well as the main box that you see above, and the chance to design your own Kill Teams from your collection, they have also been working on a pair of additional boxed sets which give you a pre-made Kill Team, themed and ready for battle.

Fangs Of Ulfrich - Kill Team

Each of these comes with the models that you see above but also some additional terrain, rules for running them on the tabletop and some awesome Narrative Play missions to link things together. As well as the Space Wolves they also showed off their Ork set too.

Krogskull's Boyz - Kill Team

This focused level of play for Warhammer 40,000 with smaller units of men and monsters battling it out through the grimdark future is where I'm at. I think this is a fantastic idea and there is plenty of scope for them to expand this going forward with its own supplements and additional White Dwarf articles.

Below you'll see the various factions which will be available for Kill Team at launch...

Available Factions - Kill Team

So, a pretty good crop, and I'm sure that you could bodge some things if you wanted to get your favourite models into the mix as well. You can also check out the full article HERE from Games Workshop as they talk about some of the Accessories, Terrain and more that you'll be able to pick up.

What do you think?

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