Community Painting Picks – Hybrids, Puppets & Demons

April 6, 2016 by brennon

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We're back to catch up on Community Painting Picks this week. As usual I've been combing through the What Are You Painting Now? thread and our Painting & Hobby Forum for some nice projects to features. So, without further ado let's get stuck in and see what's been on your painting tables...

Genestealer Hybrids by andz

We kick things off with a look at some of the painting done by andz and these Genestealer Hybrids. A lot of people are liking these miniatures more than the Death Watch Space Marines and it's easy to see why.

andz - Genestealer Hybrids

I like that andz has painted these with a very muted scheme which is no less detailed for the choice of colour. I think they fit in nicely to the aesthetic of the world of Warhammer 40,000 and the work on their pale skin is great.

I also approve of rimming the bases with light brown as oppose to black. I think it helps elevate a miniature a bit more and works well with round bases especially.

Britanans by hephesto

Next we're moving onto another warband with hephesto's Britanan force. We're seeing a really nice uniformed look to the models here with enough splashes of colour to make them each stand out on the tabletop.

hephesto - Britanans

A special note should be made of the customisation on the Puppeteers that you see at the back. You can see exactly what hephesto did over on the forums HERE but I think that he's done a great job and made them look unique on the tabletop.

It's nice to see the faction colour of red explored here but with a different take choosing some darker colours to make them look that little more menacing.

Stormcast Eternals by opponenttheory

Delving into the world of Age of Sigmar we take a look at what opponenttheory has been working on. The gold and blue that we've seen on the studio Stormcast Eternals just didn't cut it for me so it's good to see other people exploring different schemes.

opponenttheory - Stormcast Eternals

I like the burnished steel/silver look of their armour and the teal/cobalt colour that has been chosen for the other defining colour. It makes them look a little more serious and dangerous which I approve of.

Stormcast Eternal -- BoW Ben

My own Stormcast were painted in a similar style with bone coloured armour, a light blue shield and red used to break things up. Thumbs up from me and opponenttheory has done an exceptionally good job here!

Mighty Khorne Lord by jayadan

Continuing with our look at the world of Age of Sigmar we have this dangerous looking Mighty Khorne Lord by jayadan. This is quite the contrasting piece to the bright and clean lines of the Stormcast Eternals.

Khorne Lord

I really like what we're seeing here with the standard red and bronze of Khorne clashing with the flesh of the hound and the man within the armour. I think the tones chosen for both creature and master give it a realistic feel and as if there is raw power bubbling away below the surface.

It makes me feel bad that I haven't touched more than a handful of my Khornate models from the Age of Sigmar set!

Citadel Barbarian by piers

Looking back towards Old Hammer style miniatures (in quite the opposite direction from Age of Sigmar!) we have this Citadel Barbarian by piers.

piers - Citadel Barbarian

An old school miniature deserves an old school paint scheme I feel and piers has done a great job bringing this model to life. I particularly like the work on the fur and the attention to detail on the Barbarians musculature. I don't think the old painters would have done such a good job on that though!

Liltu by zaphf

Following on from the old school we take a look at one of the miniatures from the Malifaux range by zaphf. Here is his version of Liltu who looks decided delicate in terms of construction but is anything but when it comes to the tabletop.

zaphf - Liltu

In terms of painting I really like what zaphf has done on her dress offering up a nice bit of shading and highlighting work. This then contrasts nicely with the pale blue skin and vibrant purple hair. The brutal whip is also painted exceptionally well too.

A bravo on the work that's gone into the base too. I always find it hard to know how to paint/craft Malifaux bases but inserts and/or DIY bases are the way forward.

What do you think of these projects?

"Here is a version of Liltu who looks decided delicate in terms of construction but is anything but when it comes to the tabletop..."

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