Build On Your Shadow War: Armageddon Terrain With New Kits By Games Workshop

April 8, 2017 by brennon

If you're looking to add to your Shadow War: Armageddon terrain set with more industrial buildings to fight over then three new kits are available this week on Games Workshop's webstore for pre-order.

Shadow War Armageddon

Shadow War: Armageddon has gone down quite well it seems amongst the community with its hark back to the rules of old. It is a little dense in places but it provides a rather neat look into skirmish gaming in the world of Warhammer 40,000 using all of those armies you've been collecting over the years.

Much like with Kill Team before it, it allows you to pick up a small group of models and take them to the gaming table without having to worry about needing a massive army.

New Terrain

Added into the mix now we have three new plastic terrain kits. Each of them is inspired and/or directly takes from the original kit that you see above and gives you more options for the tabletop. We begin with the Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent.

Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent

This set of walkways are built around a central structure here but you could mix them up and use them in different ways if you saw fit. It adds a nice level of verticality to the tabletop which is great for a narrative and skirmish driven experience like Shadow War: Armageddon.

Following on from that we have another piece for Sector Mechanicus, the Ferratonic Furnace. The guys in the design studio must have a lot of fun making up the names for these...

Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Furnace

A perfect place for a showdown between two Kill Team leaders I would say. The platform would be a good vantage point for a sniper considering the amount of cover it offers. However, it's not entirely safe and works as a nice gaming piece which is always welcome.

It's fairly simple and you could probably end up making most of this terrain yourself if you really wanted to. A bit of scrap cobbled together from your house and you'd have a proper industrial looking Imperial world.

The final piece of terrain is the Alchomite Stack which I swear has been done on purpose considering everyone said it could easily be replaced with a bottle of beer or wine.

Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack

This is the kind of stuff you probably couldn't replicate quite as easily but if you used this alongside some scratch built terrain you'd open up a world of opportunities. The plastic terrain that Games Workshop have made has always been pretty good though in terms of pricing and its use on the tabletop so it's up to you really.

Could you see yourself diving further into the world of Shadow War: Armageddon?

" could probably end up making most of this terrain yourself if you really wanted to"

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