Loads Of Spooky Necrons Rise For Warhammer 40,000’s Newest Edition

May 26, 2020 by brennon

We got the lowdown over the weekend on what Games Workshop has planned for the next edition of Warhammer 40,000 but this also led to some swankier pictures showing up of the new models which are coming our way.

Skorpekh Lord - Warhammer 40K

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The first of the big models which was sort of revealed over on the new Warhammer 40,000 Website was the Skorpekh Lord here. Now that is an epic and chunky looking Necron who is not fussed by your puny weapons and armour. I do really like the style of these new Necrons with a lot of work going into showing them not as shiny automatons just off the assembly line but battered and twisted warriors from a time gone by.

Sticking with the idea of new and fancy looking Necrons, we also got this image. Here we can see a lot of the new additions to The Silent Kings army who are wandering forth to turn the grimdark galaxy to ash.

Necron WTF Image - Warhammer 40K

I do particularly like the long-legged machines with those big guns and there is certainly something War Of The Worlds about them. It looks like there are going to be lots of different characters finding their way into the mix here too for the Necrons to give them more options beyond the regular ol' Lord.

Shiny New Primaris

On top of the previews of these swanky new Necrons, we also had a better look at loads of new Primaris Space Marines. We had some new characters but before we check them out, we do have a core of additional troops to help bolster Space Marine Chapters. We start with some chainswords at the Assault Intercessors.

-5eccc74b64a8d--5eccc74b64a8eAssault Intercessors - Warhammer 40K.jpg

Beyond that we have the Bladeguard Veterans who are very much like the Honour Guard we've seen before armed with their power swords and storm shields. I do like it when we see proper Sci-Fi Knights for the Space Marines.

Bladeguard Veterans - Warhammer 40K

My favourite of the new previews though was for the Primaris Outriders, the new bikers for the Primaris Space Marines. I have always liked their bikes, effectively battering rams with guns mounted on them, and these have a neat new style to them which builds on the classic look.

-5eccc753d52b5--5eccc753d52b6Primaris Outriders - Warhammer 40K.jpg

It wouldn't be a Space Marine release without the addition of yet another Primaris Lieutenant who is leading the way with sword, pistol and shield at the ready. You can't escape these fellows who seem to pop up everywhere!

-5eccc7523ca8f--5eccc7523ca90Primaris Lieutenant Coloured - Warhammer 40K.jpg

Another favourite from the preview was this fellow. I love lots of grim darkness in my grimdark and this fellow is very much that. Here we have the Judicar who is going to be slicing off heads and taking souls in the name of The Emperor.

-5eccc74fa9712--5eccc74fa9760Judicar - Warhammer 40,000.jpg

This is very much making me want to bring together a Black Templar army. I have always liked those epic Space Marine Crusaders and with someone like the Judicar now in the mix, it would be excellent to breathe some life back into that Chapter.

What do you make of these new previews for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000?

"This is very much making me want to bring together a Black Templar army..."

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