Grab Yourself A Humble Bundle Of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Goodness!

September 14, 2017 by brennon

Cubicle 7 has joined forces with Humble Bundle to deliver a plethora of awesome Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay goodness for near as chips!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay PDF

You will be able to pay for a number of different tiers of reward which essentially unlock $386 worth of books for a fraction of the price in PDF. They have also made the original Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book available for the first time in PDF.

I still have two copies of that book sitting at my parent's house somewhere! This seems like a great idea and gives you not only a number of different sourcebooks but plenty of adventure modules too so you can take your heroes off on wild adventures in The Old World.

Whilst the system still has a few problems I think Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay remains one of my defining moments of tabletop gaming. Some great adventures in a grim and dark world where death is just around the corner. Perfect.

Oh, and you can be a Rat Catcher!

"Oh, and you can be a Rat Catcher!"

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