Total War Warhammer Release Date Announced Plus Chaos Are Coming

October 22, 2015 by brennon

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Total War: Warhammer now has a release date of April 28th 2016. However, that's not all as if you pre-order the game you will get yourself the Chaos Warrior Race Pack for free. You can see the trailer for it above. They are also producing a rather special High King Edition of the game...

Total War Warhammer - High King Edition

The High King Edition of the game comes with some rather special Dwarven bits and pieces that I would love to have on my mantle piece. You get...

  • Grudge Ring - A high quality metal ring which also functions as a dice (insane, I know!)
  • Whetstone Pendant - Bears the Master Rune Of Spite and will look rather flashy around your neck
  • Dwarfen Drinking Horn & Stand - Yes, a real Dwarfen drinking horn adorned with runes and actually works as a practical item. It will hold a pint of Bugman's own!
  • Plus - A canvas map of the Old World, the Book of Grudges case for the game which contains a smaller metal case, an artbook and the aforementioned Chaos Warriors Race Pack.

Now, while that all sounds very awesome and I like the idea of all of these additional accessories it is a shame to see the Chaos Warriors being used are pre-order content for free. This is the kind of thing they have got in trouble for in the past with games like ROME II where factions were available for pre-orders for free and then paid for on release date.

Chaos, if this is the case, are going to be finished at the time of launch so having them as paid DLC at that first point seems like a bit of a cheap shot to the Dwarfen gonads. I'm sure they have their reasons however.

Still, the game is looking great and I will no doubt find some way to make my PC play it nearer the time.

What do you think of this High King Edition?

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