Community Painting Picks – Kingdom Death, Warmahordes & Goblin Raiders

April 27, 2016 by brennon

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It's time to delve back into the What Are You Painting Now? thread over on our Hobby & Painting Forum and look at some of the great work that has been done by our community over the past few weeks. We've got some amazing pieces to look at this week and first off we're going to delve into Kingdom Death...

Kingdom Death by jayadan

Community member jayadan has been working hard on some of the strange monsters and characters from the world of Kingdom Death. We thought we'd take a bit of extra time this week to show off some of his latest work including the Sunstalker...


It looks like a very angry vegetable has taken offence to being on the chopping board. As well as that creation we also have the creepy looking Slenderman who most will remember from the mass of internet memes and of course the game that spawned from them. I love the pale colours giving it an even creepier feel.


Some of the greatest pieces from Kingdom Death, and I imagine inspired by the characters from Dark Souls, are their Knights. I picked out the Lion Knight and the Flower Knight here because of the difference in styles showing off the range and jayadan's painting skill.



Of the two I really like the Flower Knight. I love the over the top armour, the thorny vines clinging to his sword and figure and the winged helm. The glowing yellow eyes sat within continue to build on that eerie appearance.

We left the best till last though with this mighty Dragon King. Now THAT is a mighty model worth taking note of...


The amazingly well detailed skin that looks insanely lifelike is adorned with some rather wonderful tattoo work which no doubt imbues it with even more powerful magics. The blood red soul within its chest is also a rather intriguing mystery.

15mm Sci-Fi Guy by opponenttheory

We're now going to head to the realm of Sci-Fi with this really intricately painting figure by opponenttheory. It amazes me that people can get some much detail work done on model this small but the talent is real.


It's good to see that the colours chosen were light and bright - I think it makes 15mm models pop that little bit more. The light blue and the white, all of which has been highlighted nicely works well against the pale orange.

Goblin Raiders by piers

Looking back to Oldhammer we have piers who has been working on some Goblin Raiders for his Fantasy games. This is a very old school looking bunch of creatures but it has a certain charm to it I think.


The painting here is great, especially on the Troll. I love the mashed up face and the big red nose from too much grog. It's wonderful to see little eclectic groups like this.

Retribution Of Scyrah By wildchevy

Since Warmachine & Hordes is going to be getting a revamp over the summer it seems pertinent to show off some models from the range. Here we have wildchevy painting up a Warcaster and Warjack from the Retribution of Scyrah.


I've always felt a little bit put off  by the idea of painting all of that white but when I see someone pull it off so well it gives you faith that you might be able to accomplish it! I love the gem work here and light blue breaking up the white.

Warpwolf by zaphf

On the Hordes side of things zaphf has been working on this Warpwolf for Circle Orboros. The base here really helps add to the model; I like the idea that he's just been fighting around this part of the forest and smashed down that tree.


The muscle work here is great and it gives the appearance of fur which you normally don't get. The additional work on the  detail including that characterful face really bring the model to life. Despite the model being a mix of browns and greens everything stands out in just the right way.

Oathsworn Badger by brennon

On my own painting desk I have been working on one of the miniatures that I picked up at Salute. Here we have the Badger character from Oathsworn and I'm pretty proud of this considering I haven't painted in a few months.


I even went as far as to actually do some highlighting on the cloak - which I never do!


I'm quite proud of the work that I've accomplished here. It was a lot of head scratching when I was considering what a badger actually looked like until I remember that Google is a thing! The base looks a lot better now too.

So, make sure to come and join us over on the What Are You Painting Now? thread and share your own painting projects.

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"We left the best till last though with this mighty Dragon King. Now THAT is a mighty model worth taking note of..."

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"I love the mashed up face and the big red nose from too much grog. It's wonderful to see little eclectic groups like this..."

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