Privateer Press Preview New Warmachine MKIV Khador

August 4, 2022 by brennon

Privateer Press have been previewing more of the new MKIV miniatures coming to Warmachine in the near future. The focus has shifted away from Cygnar and Orgoth and we're now locked on to some epic Khador sculpts.

Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova - Warmachine

Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova // Warmachine

Leading the way, we have Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova who is looking ready to take control of Khador and show everyone else what for. Here is some of her lore...

"Ekaterina Baranova is among the most powerful arkanists of her generation. Once the pride of the Greylords Covenant, which she served faithfully in the years following the infernal invasion, Baranova denounced the organization and her former tutors within it. With a meritorious service record and recommendations from both the Order of Illumination and the entire Old Faith Synod in Korsk, Baranova received an imperial pardon and was able to join the newly established Winter Korps as a kapitan in 618 AR. Her mastery of the arcane arts is not only singular among Khador’s depleted ranks but in the whole of the Iron Kingdoms. She now hungrily awaits putting her talents to use against the hated Orgoth host now ravaging the Motherland’s western shores."

She has powerful arcane attacks at her fingertips and is able to make sure that others are grounded thanks to her Storm Of Ages ability.

Hefty Khador Warjacks

As well as one of their new leaders, we also have these awesome new Warjacks that are going to be stomping into the midst of battle.

Dire Wolf - Warmachine

Dire Wolf // Warmachine

Great Bear - Warmachine

Great Bear // Warmachine

One of the options for Khador is the Dire Wolf but there is also the Great Bear which is going to be causing havoc on the tabletop. Here is some of the lore for the Dire Wolf...

"Despite the unrest that plagued Khador in the years following the war with the infernals, a war that kept the Motherland from taking advantage of the full fruits of the technological renaissance that swept the other Iron Kingdoms, the nation was not entirely without its own innovations. Long a dream of the Khadoran High Kommand, the Dire Wolf was envisioned as a modern warjack designed to support Khador’s infantry forces in the field. Lighter and faster than any Khadoran warjack ever built, the machine was engineered to act as an anchor point for the infantry in battle."

...and here is the background for the Great Bear!

"While not as innovative as the lighter Dire Wolf chassis, the Great Bear sets Khador’s new standard for heavy warjacks. As physically powerful and durable as the Motherland’s last generation of heavy warjacks, the Great Bear also offers a more stable weapon platform alongside a suite of advanced optics, greatly increasing its proficiency in ranged combat. Its massive steam engine grants it the force necessary to knock aside its opposition’s heaviest machines."

There are more details on these miniatures and how they work on the tabletop over on the links above. They seem like they are going to be deadly and incredibly Khadorian. There is also going to be a chance to order these during the Gen Con period online!

Khador Winter Korps - Warmachine

Khador Winter Korps // Warmachine

All of the miniatures will be 3D Prints and whilst the Khador offerings are going to be online only, there are going to be chances to pick up Cygnar and Orgoth at the event. So, if you're interested in the new edition of Warmachine, this might be a perfect time to try things out.

Are you going to be diving in and picking these up?

"They seem like they are going to be deadly and incredibly Khadorian..."

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