New Wizards & Dark Lords Join Warp Miniatures’ ArcWorlde!

June 20, 2022 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter recently to bring two new ArcWorlde warbands to life! You will be able to get your hands on some neat new 32mm Fantasy miniatures representing the Wizards and Dark Lords of this world!

Wizards Vs Dark Lords - Warp Miniatures

Wizards Vs Dark Lords Kickstarter // Warp Miniatures

ArcWorlde is an awesome Fantasy skirmish wargame where you take small warbands of metal and/or resin miniatures and fight over Arcanite and more. The rules for the game are completely FREE to download so if you're interested in giving it a go, make sure to dive in and have a peek!

New ArcWorlde Warbands

The game is already packed with a selection of awesome miniatures but this recent Kickstarter looks to introduce some awesome spellcasters and villainous servants of shadow into the mix!

Wizards Warband - Warp Miniatures

Wizards Warband // Warp Miniatures

The first of the warbands that we're going to be looking at is for the Wizards. There is something awesomely Pratchett about the fellow who is leading the way here. If you painted him up in orange and yellow then you'd be on to a winner!

He is flanked by two Apprentices who are carrying all of his magical accessories and has summoned forth a selection of Sprites and familiars to help them in their endeavours. I really like the idea of Wizards not always having a band of hangers-on by their side but instead, conjured allies that do what they need!

There are a few additional options included alongside the Wizards warband. One of these is the Ensorcelled Beast that has been shown bursting forth from the pages of a magical tome.

Ensorcelled Beast - Warp Miniatures

Ensorcelled Beast // Warp Miniatures

Additional options for the Wizards include clanking Sentinels, a Charmed Bookcase and even some more alternative miniatures for the Apprentices. I think this looks like a superb warband that would be fun for those who like painting magical effects.

Facing off against them, the Wizards are having to deal with the Dark Lords!

Dark Lords - Warp Miniatures

Dark Lords // Warp Miniatures

The Dark Lord himself reminds me very much of the Overlord from the video game series of the same name. I absolutely loved one of the previous incarnations of the Dark Lord and his hangers-on but I think this one takes things to the next level. I love the bent and battered armour and the flames leaking out through the cracks. He is going to be super fun to paint.

You also have a Hobgoblin at his side with a spear at the ready and three Underlings that are trying to do the Dark Lord's bidding without being snuffed out!

Much like with the Wizards, there are some additional miniatures for you to start adding into the mix alongside your Starter Warband. Here we have the massive winged Hellbeast that is going to lift you up and drop you from a terrible height.

Hellbeast - Warp Miniatures

Hellbeast // Warp Miniatures

Additional miniatures are also on the way including lots more Hobgoblins and one that is just as obsessed with fire as his master. Again, an awesome warband that would be a lot of fun to paint up and get ready for the tabletop.

Bonus Miniatures & Stretch Goals

The Wizards and Dark Lords are the focus of this campaign but that doesn't mean that more miniatures aren't on the way. For example, there is a towering Tarrasque that is lumbering forth!

The Tarrasque - Warp Miniatures

The Tarrasque // Warp Miniatures

The idea is that you are looking to fight for control of the Tarrasque on the battlefield and clambering up into that tower on the beast's back. Once there, you'll be able to command the battlefield with ease and maybe knock over a few castles in your spare time.

Stretch Goals - Warp Miniatures

Stretch Goals // Warp Miniatures

Loads of Stretch Goals have also been planned to boost the two factions we've seen here AND there are chances to dive in and pick up some miniatures for the other factions in ArcWorlde too. It is well worth heading over to their Kickstarter to see more.

It is worth noting once again that these miniatures are available in both resin and metal so you can pick your poison!

Are you going to be diving in and supporting this ArcWorlde project?

"...these miniatures are available in both resin and metal so you can pick your poison!"

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