Unboxing: Frostgrave – Fireheart Constructs | Osprey Games & North Star Military Figures

July 20, 2022 by avernos

With the upcoming release of the new expansion Fireheart for Frostgrave from Osprey Games, Gerry takes a look at some Animated Constructs from North Star Military Figures that are ideal to press into service.


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Constructs have been popping up from the inception of Frostgrave with additional types and rules appearing in the Frostgrave Folio, The Maze of Malcor, and Perilous Dark. The new Fireheart expansion includes a chapter called ‘Advanced Animation’ giving wizards several new things they can do with the Animate Construct spell, including adding a host of modifications to their constructs. So this is a great time to take a look at how you can field these monsters on your frozen tabletop

What do you make of the Constructs or what would you make your Constructs out of?

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