Legendary Nikolai Tesla & Regulators Come To WWX

July 2, 2019 by brennon

Wild West Exodus continues to expand with another new Posse Set. We now get introduced to The Regulators who are ready to lay down their own brand of justice.

The Regulators Posse - Wild West Exodus

The characters within this set include Billy The Kid as their leader alongside Jose Chavez y Chavez, The Apache Kid, Jake Williamson, John "Boxer" Middleton, Laura Anderssen and also Sasha Tanner. All of them are very unique and interesting individuals but they come together to create a dynamic and interesting posse which will be fun for gamers.

"It is common to see the Regulators sporting the tin star, whether they are actually currently deputised or not"

I love the idea of playing a group of rogues who are bringing their own sense of justice into the mix for Wild West Exodus.

Nikolai Tesla Turns Up The Power

As well as a new Posse we also have a new Legendary character in the mix, Nikolai Tesla.

Legendary Nikolai Tesla - Wild West Exodus

This take on Tesla has him mounted up in one of his very own walkers, ready to hunt down those that threaten his patents clearly. I do quite like seeing these notable figures from history popping up in a different way. It seems to be that if there truly was a new source of energy/power discovered during this time period Tesla would have been all over it.

Alien Sentinels

Another of the releases painted up for the webstore was this set of Vermilion Sentinels who fight for the Watchers.

Vermilion Sentinels - Wild West Exodus

These fierce looking soldiers act as bodyguards and escorts for high ranking members of the Watcher force. You'll find them armed for close combat and range, bladed gauntlets and fusion carbines at the ready. All they care about is protecting their charge so they would make key additions to your force.

Thunder Birds Are Go!

Taking to the skies we also have a new creature who can be introduced into your Warrior Nation force. The Fire Eagle/Great Thunderbird is a monstrous creature who strikes fear into those who threaten the land.

Fire Eagle Or Great Thunderbird - Wild West Exodus

It's very cool to see that whilst there is so much technology development in the world of Wild West Exodus, there are still remnants of the natural world willing to fight back against the fires of industry. I could see a lot of people adding this into the mix just because of the sculpt alone.

I love the way they've worked on the feathers here as they'd be very easy to paint. A good basecoat, some choice washes and a bit of drybrushed highlighting and you'd have a stunning looking eagle.

Creepy Shack Time!

As well as these new miniatures we also have a new piece of terrain for Wild West Exodus too. Here is the Nazombu Bayou Abandoned Shack which looks like the perfect place for you to end up dead!

Nazombu Bayou Abandoned Shack - Wild West Exodus

This is exceptionally creepy and just what you want when building up a quirky tabletop that explores the darker side of Wild West Exodus. You could have a lot of fun placing this in and around some well-crafted water features.

Since the walkways and such would then be the only safe ways to travel around the board you'd funnel the fighting into interesting chokepoints. It's awesome that you get some little additional extras too like discarded weapons and a few snakes!

What do you think of the new releases for Wild West Exodus?

"...there are still remnants of the natural world willing to fight back against the fires of industry"

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