New Lost World Explorer Joins WWX With Drum Of The Nautilus

April 1, 2021 by fcostin

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A much-anticipated reinforcement for the Crown is making his way over to Wild West Exodus (and the unreleased Lost World Exodus) by Warcradle Studios, and this investigational deep-diver joins the Crew of the Nautilus in the path to exploration.

Drum of the Nautilus // Lost World Exodus

Drum's purpose in life took him somewhere different than anticipated. This misunderstood gentle brute was once envisioned for hard mechanical labour. Alike most technology, Drum was stored after his use to likely be tinkered, dismantled and examined.

However, after being taken in by the crew of HMS Nautilus - finding him suppressed within a shipping container - he now finds his place amongst the highly-efficient crew alongside Rani Nimue, Sarder Hardit Singh and many more which can be found in the Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment Set.

Drum of the Nautilus // Lost World Exodus

Although Drum may have been constructed, he is certainly no empty, brainless machine. He became surprised at the warm reception he received by Captain Nimue, that he was swiftly enrolled in the crew to be treated as an equal.

Drum has the strength compatible to ten men, and with his shell being designed of thick brass and copper - his tanky appearance makes him a resilient force to not be reckoned with. He may be considered a gentle giant to the Crew of the Nautilus, but he sure has no problem defending himself in combat.

Drum was first teased late in 2019 here, along with the first announcement of the lost world explorer's Captain Nimue and her crew, and players were excited to see where Drum would fit into the dynamic after he was not included in the Warth of the Nautilus Detatchment set.

Although Lost World Exodus is not released just yet, it shares core rules as Wild West Exodus. Meaning players can engage in on the American Frontier with all Lost World Exodus releases to become familiar with the combat before embarking into a deep exploration of the Lost World of Antarctica.

Will you be exploring the deep with the Drum of the Nautilus?

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"Will you be exploring the deep with the Drum of the Nautilus?"

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