Soul Hunters Go Adventuring & Opie: Creation VIII For WWX

September 30, 2019 by brennon

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Warcradle has been showing off two new pre-order products for Wild West Exodus and Lost World Exodus this week. The first set is for the Soul Hunters Detachment which is getting added into the Enlightened faction for Lost World Exodus.

Soul Hunters Detachment - Lost World Exodus

There is, as always, a lot of background for this particular group of models and you can find it by clicking the link above. In essence, this band are looking to dive deep into uncharted territory in search of fascinating new creatures and elements that might enhance their technological prowess and aid others from the Enlightened too.

The set comes with six resin miniatures for, Auger Warwick Hudson, Erin Meltzer, Ernesto Volk, Hans Spelmann, Jocasta Tobin and Katherine Holst. Each of the models looks packed with detail and should be fun to paint as you explore working on not just their hyper-technological kit but also their explorer garb too.

Creation VIII

As well as the Soul Hunters for use in Lost World Exodus there's also this monstrous creation for Wild West Exodus, Opie: Creation VIII.

Opie Creation VIII - Wild West Exodus

This warped looking character has been changed beyond all recognition, twisted and tweaked with all sorts of strange technological elements to make it more of a terrifying killing machine than it was before. Brought to life by Augusta Byron who lost her own hand in the procedure that revamped this beast, it is quite the mix of the bestial and the extravagantly technological, a good indicator of what you get when you dive into Wild West Exodus yourself.

What do you think of these new pre-orders?

" is quite the mix of the bestial and the extravagantly technological"

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