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The Tau Take To The Battlefield With New KV128 Stormsurge

2 days ago 44

The Tau are back in force and leading the charge for Warhammer 40,000 this Autumn. Games Workshop have put together the rather deadly KV128 Stormsurge Battlesuit. See what you think of this new weapon of mass destruction for The Greater Good…

40K Project: Building Our Massive Imperial Guard Army

40K IG BUILD: Tank Weathering Stages

5 days ago 65

So our house 40K Astra Militarum is being organised and assembled, this is a project diary covering the organisation and painting being undertaken. To access most of this content you will need a backstage pass!

Unboxing: Forge World Horus Heresy Book Collection

6 days ago 22

We have an unboxing with a difference as we turn the show into the Beasts Of War book club with a look at @deaddave’s weighty collection of Horus Heresy literature from Forge World. You’ll break a sweat lifting these tomes off the shelf!

Weekender XLBS: Ebay Army Perils & Games Workshop's Money Machine

Weekender XLBS: Ebay Army Perils & Games Workshop’s Money Machine

8 days ago 107

Sit back and relax with us on a
Sunday as we talk about
converting your armies and
discuss the merits of buying
from Ebay as well as the
profit machine that is
Games Workshop…

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Warhammer Becomes A Slaughterfest With New Skarbrand Model

9 days ago 30

The teaser images earlier in the week were on the money. Skarbrand is going up for pre-order over on the Games Workshop website for Warhammer 40,000. The slaughterer of millions and exiled Bloodthirster of Khorne is going to be stepping into battle once more in Age of Sigmar too…

Forge World Rain Down Death From Titans With Apocalypse Missile Launchers

10 days ago 12

Forge World have added some more armaments to their Warlord Titan. Now it will be raining down death from above with the Apocalypse Missile Launchers that will most likely level everything in sight…

Need More Firepower? Meet Forge World’s Tau Supremacy Armour

17 days ago 23

If you want to destroy your enemies almost entirely and turn them into puffs of smoke then see what you make of Forge World’s latest release, the Tau KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour.

New Tau On The Horizon & Khorne Gets Reinforced In Age Of Sigmar

19 days ago 39

There are two big updates coming out of Games Workshop this week for both Warhammer 40,000 down the line and Age Of Sigmar this week. The Tau Destroyers are striding into battle alongside some tweaked infantry if the leaked images are to be believed…

Add The Heraldry Of The Blood Angels To Your Heresy Troops

23 days ago 9

Forge World have added some more upgrade kits to the range of Horus Heresy components available for the Loyalists. This time around the focus is on the Blood Angels with Heads, Torsos and then a series of Shoulder Pads just like with the Dark Angels.

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

23 days ago 84

Another great week in the
tabletop gaming world and
we’re here to chat about
some interesting Games
Workshop digital games
and new Kickstarters too…

Check Out New Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Gameplay

25 days ago 18

Tindalos Interactive have put together an Alpha gameplay example showing off the factions of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, the Chaos Space Marines and the Imperials. They go into the main features of both sides and show off the battles in action.

Unboxing: Forge World Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan

27 days ago 29

We have an EPIC sized unboxing as @deaddave once again joins John to take a look at another piece of his Forge World collection. This time its the impressive Lucius Pattern Warhound-class Titan with so many parts Forge World themselves aren’t sure how many there are!

See Lynthorpe Farm In Summer & Winter With Heroic Maps

27 days ago 1

If you’re looking for a rural setting in which to fight out your next skirmish then how about the new East Lynthorpe Farm which comes in two flavours from Heroic Maps – Summer & Winter.

Forge World Kit Out The Dark Angels Legion For The Horus Heresy

31 days ago 12

Forge World have been working on some new kits to help give your Space Marines of the Horus Heresy a brand-spanking new look. The Chapter getting an upgrade this time are the Dark Angels complete with new Helmets and Torsos…

Weekender XLBS: Skulls Galore In Age Of Sigmar & Homebrew World Of Tanks Rules

Weekender XLBS: Skulls Galore In Age Of Sigmar & Homebrew World Of Tanks Rules

36 days ago 108

Join us on this wonderful
Sunday about all things
hobby related. We’ve been
tinkering away on
different projects and
got surprised at new
Warmachine plastics!

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