Blackstone Fortress: Escalation Expansion Coming Soon

June 5, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop teased an expansion for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress over the weekend at UK Games Expo. Escalation is bringing new characters, new foes and the next chapter of the story into the mix for those still hunting for treasures in these winding passageways.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation - Games Workshop

In Escalation, the threat has increased tenfold. Whilst before you were simply looking for treasures and avoiding the forces of Obsidius Mallex, he has now taken control of various systems within the installation and threatens the future of the Imperium.

A new selection of heroes will be entering the fold to try and stop him including a new Rogue Trader Captain.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation Miniatures #3 - Games Workshop

For those that love the Blanchian artistry of the Warhammer 40,000 world, Blackstone Fortress is a really kick ass game. Nearly all of the models that you get for the game have something of his influence wrought into them and it's fascinating to see it presented in a modern way too. Anyone who also likes Inq28 and the like is also in for a treat.

Firey Foes

As well as the new heroes coming to beat back the Chaos threat we also have new servants for Mallex too. These Servants Of The Abyss, led by the Fireband, are a force to be reckoned with deep within the halls of the Blackstone Fortress.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation Miniatures #1 - Games Workshop

Whereas before the Traitor Guardsmen presented you with an insidious threat these new barbaric individuals add another tricky sum to the equation. I love the design of them and hope they appear as a separate box for those playing Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team in the future.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation Miniatures #2 - Games Workshop

As with all of the Blackstone Fortress expansions before it, Escalation can be used as its own mission or elements of it can be mixed into the existing collection. You can then create new variants of existing missions so that you can keep playing to your heart's content.

Will you be delving into Blackstone Fortress again with this new expansion?

"Will you be delving into Blackstone Fortress again with this new expansion?"

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