Blood Bowl’s Second Season Hits The Field This Weekend

November 9, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop is getting ready to hit the Blood Bowl pitch once again and this weekend marks the pre-orders for the Second Season Edition of the game with updated rules, new teams and more.

Blood Bowl Second Season Edition - Games Workshop

Blood Bowl Second Season Edition // Games Workshop

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This new version of the game has been playtested and tweaked with the aid of Blood Bowl veterans both old and new to hopefully make it the definitive version of the game. Inside the set you'll get yourself the new Rulebook, Pitch, Dice, Tokens and of course the two new plastic teams which come complete with a Star Player each and Big Guy.

Bogenhafen Barons - Blood Bowl

Bogenhafen Barons // Blood Bowl

The first team (above) is the Bogenhafen Barons who are those players from The Empire that can afford the best kit and indeed play the sport simply because they love it so much. This has managed to tempt Griff Oberwald to their team and he now leads this band of rather sparkly-looking players against their opponents. You'll also note the big Ogre at the ready to crush through that front line!

In a similar fashion, the Thunder Valley Greenskins are also out to prove their mettle against their opponents. These Black Orcs and their cruel Goblin teammates are focused on winning at all costs.

Thunder Valley Greenskins - Blood Bowl

Thunder Valley Greenskins // Blood Bowl

The focus here is on a team which has decided that just banding together regular Orcs for a game of Blood Bowl was a squabbling folly! It's much better when everyone is on the same tactical page, even if that page is one covered in blood and the broken bones of your opponent. This might have been what drew Varag Ghoul-Chewer to their team and that Troll who is winding up for a hail mary pass.

New Horrifying Teams & Big Guys

As well as the new Core Box for the game, you'll also be able to find a selection of new miniatures to help support existing teams too. There's even a new team shambling out of their crypts a little late to take on the challenge of the Blood Bowl Cup. Here we have the Necromantic Horrors!

Necromantic Horrors Team - Blood Bowl

Necromantic Horrors Team // Blood Bowl

If Halloween is more of a state of mind than a time of year for you then this might be worth taking a peek at. This is a totally updated team with some amazing looking miniatures for you to have fun painting. I love the Ghosts, Flesh Golems and those Scarecrows! It's really good to see that Games Workshop's sculptors are able to have a bit of fun with Blood Bowl and stretch their creative muscles.

Sticking with the theme of the weird and the wonderful there is also a new Treeman on the way who can be used for Wood Elf and Halfling teams.

Treeman & Akhorne The Squirrel - Blood Bowl

Treeman & Akhorne The Squirrel  // Blood Bowl

This new Treeman might be just what you need to solidify the core of your team, especially if you're a Halfling, and you also get the aid of the very deadly looking Akhorne The Squirrel! Another of the new Big Guys coming your way is the absolutely massive looking Zolcath The Zoat!

Zolcath The Zoat - Blood Bowl

Zolcath The Zoat // Blood Bowl

Someone at Games Workshop certainly likes Zoats enough to try and include them in everything! This fellow will be available from Forge World to pre-order alongside the rest of the Blood Bowl collection that you see above.

In addition to this, the existing Blood Bowl teams are going to be updated with new boxed sets to match the switch of editions. So, if you'd wanted to pick up a new team for Blood Bowl maybe wait a little while to see how these new boxes turn out.

Are you tempted to try Blood Bowl again?

"In addition to this, the existing Blood Bowl teams are going to be updated with new boxed sets to match the switch of editions..."

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