Characters & Big Boss Expansions For Steamforged’s Dark Souls

November 11, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has added two new expansions into the mix for those playing Dark Souls: The Board Game. Leading the way we have the Character Expansion which, as you might imagine, adds new characters into the mix for you to play as when trying to survive the deadly encounters within the game.

Dark Souls Characters Expansion - Steamforged Games

So, if you like the idea of trying out some new character types in-game and testing your mettle alongside a few more allies then this could be for you. Away from the idea of using them in your games of Dark Souls, you could even use this as a little bit of inspiration if you fancied using them as heroes in your roleplaying games too.

Battle Versus Vordt

You can also take on a new boss in Dark Souls as they introduced Vordt Of The Boreal Valley into the mix, a rough old clash in the video game and now on the tabletop too.

Vordt Of The Boreal Valley Expansion - Steamforged Games

Vordt, of course, comes with his new boards for you to battle him on, the massive model, a bunch of cards to track all of his abilities and such and more. I know a fair few people who have still been enjoying this game someway down the line and so these neat little expansions might be just what they need to get them back to the tabletop to play this some more.

Are you tempted to pick these up and are you a big Dark Souls: The Board Game fan?

"Are you tempted to pick these up and are you a big Dark Souls: The Board Game fan?"

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