CMON Announces Marvel United: X-Men Coming Soon!

March 18, 2021 by brennon

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CMON has announced that they are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with Marvel United and the X-Men! Alongside Spin Master Games, this new campaign will expand upon the options available to fans of the game.

Marvel United: X-Men Teaser Trailer

The original Marvel United brought together characters from across the comic book spectrum. The Avengers and many more joined together to take on deadly foes like Red Skull and Ultron in a one-to-four player game. Marvel United was designed to be quick and easy to play but with loads of tactical depth.

It has recently been arriving on people's gaming tables and has garnered quite a lot of positive feedback from the community. With that in mind, it's good to see them returning to add the X-Men into the mix!

Cyclops - Marvel United X-Men

Cyclops // Marvel United: X-Men

A load of familiar faces have been showing up in their more chibi style. You've got fan favourites like Cyclops and Wolverine...

Wolverine - Marvel United X-Men

Wolverine // Marvel United: X-Men

...and then the rather awesome Storm too. There are a lot of X-Men out there and I would imagine that CMON is going to be going DEEP into the comic books in order to find more and more interesting characters to add to Marvel United.

Storm - Marvel United X-Men

Storm // Marvel United: X-Men

As well as the excellent heroes for Marvel United, this also opens up the rogue's gallery of villains that the X-Men have faced over the years. Of course, Magneto is going to be showing up.

Magneto - Marvel United X-Men

Magneto // Marvel United: X-Men

I would imagine we're going to be seeing Mr Sinister, Apocalypse, Sabretooth, Mystique and more popping up as well. I do think that Marvel United fills a fun niche in the tabletop gaming world. It sits well between the card game, Marvel Champions and the miniatures game Marvel: Crisis Protocol. It's perfectly placed for someone who wants to paint up some fun characters without having to worry about an entire tabletop of terrain!

Are you going to be backing the new Marvel United Kickstarter?

"It sits well between the card game, Marvel Champions and the miniatures game Marvel: Crisis Protocol..."

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