Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal – Everok Architect

July 26, 2018 by xaerin

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In Ferrus' workshop
The Everok Architect
Carves with a purpose

The mountain card reveals for the new Kindred wave of Lightseekers from Play Fusion are firing out thick and fast now.

Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal - Everok Architect

Here we have the Everok Architect card which is an Earth element clunky action buff.

Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal - Everok Architect

Your Location buffs cannot be Removed or Returned by other heroes. Rotate this 1 step forward when you get Attacked.

As of this article, we haven't seen any new Mountain order location buffs for Kindred but we now know there are a few existing buffs that will be getting the location symbol:

  • Colossi Gateway
  • Temple of Patience
  • Shattered Volcano
  • Colossi Ritual Site

You could also add this to a Sunhunter Tuktu deck and protect your astral location buffs:

  • Treetop Trading Post
  • Suntop Gallery
  • Suntop Monastery

I'm sure we'll see even more uses as the rest of the Kindred cards are revealed.

What's been your favourite reveal so far?

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