New Age Of Sigmar Champions Cinematic & November 30th Release Date!

November 22, 2018 by brennon

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PlayFusion has been sharing some more awesome snippets of what's coming from Age Of Sigmar Champions as well as a release date of November 30th both digitally and physically for it!

Onslaught Release Date

As well as some awesome new card reveals we also got to see this epic new cinematic showing off a key clash between Champions in the game! Take a peek at that below...

I love what PlayFusion is doing to try and bring this card game to life and visualisation like that help us get a cool window into the world. I know Colin and I are probably going to be getting stuck into Onslaught pretty heavily when it releases!

Hero Picks

As well as the cool cinematic I thought I'd also pick out three of the more recently revealed Champions and talk about them a bit too. The first is Volturnus, High King Of The Deep.

Volturnus Card Reveal - Age Of Sigmar Champions

Apart from fully embracing that goth lifestyle, he has a pretty impressive power which really focuses in on the idea of playing an Aelf deck properly. You could somewhat do it in the first set but I think with Volturnus gifting out that extra damage each turn I think flooding the board with plenty of Aelfs could now be a great idea. Damage is always good! He also has some very easy corners to complete!

Next up we have Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar who comes in as another of the big heavy hitters for Destruction. Once again he is a high point cost right away meaning that we're going to be seeing a mix between Ogors and Orruks rather than an Ogor only board set-up.

Vorgrun Card Reveal - Age Of Sigmar Champions

Once again we're seeing that constant damage output hitting the tabletop and as long as you dump a bunch of Ogors into your deck to support him he is going to be completing his quests and getting that Blessing off very quickly as well as doing a bunch of damage. He also GIVES you two health at the beginning of the game too which is insane!

Last but not least we're going to be looking to Death a new Wizard. Meet the Twisted Necromancer who is looking back at the Risen units available in the game and playing with them in a different way.

Twisted Necromancer Card Reveal - Age Of Sigmar Champions

He has some interesting corners to try and consider when it comes to quests but if you can get your Risen down onto the tabletop and have them ticking through to that final corner those little nicks and scratches against your enemy are all going to mount up.

It's neat to see a mechanic that we saw being prevalent from another faction (Chaos) being thrown into the mix too.

What do you think of the new card reveals and that cinematic trailer?

"Damage is always good!"

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