Critical Role & The Op Join Forces For A Fantastical CLUE

July 6, 2022 by brennon

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Critical Role continue their domination of the tabletop gaming world with a team-up alongside The Op. CLUE is going to be getting the Mighty Nein treatment (the adventuring group from Critical Role Campaign Two) in the near future.

Clue Critical Role - The Op

CLUE: Critical Role // The Op

This is the traditional game of CLUE that you know and (probably) love. But, it has been given a Critical Role twist. In campaign two, Nott and Jester (pictured at the front on the cover) formed their own "detective agency" and so I imagine we'll be following them stumbling around and trying to solve the mystery on the tabletop.

It will be interesting to see how much of a twist on the normal CLUE this actually is. I should also note that we know it here as Cluedo here in the UK. So, don't be worried if you were confused by the title!

The game does feature beautiful new artwork from Joric_art and Shmaba (Twitter handles) so it might be a fun pick for the Critical Role fan who has everything. It should be noted that this game is going to be available via The Op's US and Canada stores soon but there hasn't been any word on other territories.

Are you tempted by this one?

"In campaign two, Nott and Jester formed their own "detective agency"..."

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