Dark Gate Games Preview New Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum Kickstarter

January 11, 2019 by brennon

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Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum is a new 'One Versus Many' board game coming out from Dark Gate Games, arriving on Kickstarter 15th January 2019.

Dark Rituals Kickstarter - DG Games Entertainment

The game has you either taking on the role of one of the heroes, or the deadly Witch Master. As the Heroes you will be drawing on powerful alchemical energies in order to try and fight back the darkness, but at the same time, you may decide to use Black Magic to try and defeat your foes. If you do, however, you run the risk of facing dangerous consequences as you dabble in this deadly force of nature.

Executioner - DG Games Entertainment

The Witch Master can draw on powers to defeat the heroes too. Using their Witchcraft they can hurl deadly spells, summon minions to do their bidding and even unleash a plague across the board, damning the players until they can stop you.

There is a good focus on the heroes and Witch Master being very customisable, so you can tweak things to your particular way of playing. I like that, meaning that each time you sit down to the tabletop you might get a different experience.

Mortus - DG Games Entertainment

The game already features an array of awesome looking miniatures as you'll see above and whilst the game has a focus on it being a One Versus Many experience there are other modes of play for those who want an entirely cooperative game.

A special miniature has also been included as part of the upcoming Kickstarter, The Swordsman. He might look familiar to a few of you...

The Swordsman - DG Games Entertainment

It's well worth looking at the Facebook Page for this game to get more details on what's happening and also join in their Share & Win competition where you could get yourself a pro-painted special edition of the game when it releases. Not too shabby!

Are you going to be checking this game out?

"...you run the risk of facing dangerous consequences as you dabble in this deadly force of nature"

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