Draft Wacky & Zany Characters Battle In Z-Man’s Challengers

September 2, 2022 by fcostin

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Z-Man Games have announced their next board game, debuting a mash-up of wild, wacky and zany characters to battle it out in quirky and strategic deck-building face-off, Challengers.

Challengers - Z-Man Games

Challengers! // Z-Man Games

Ready to debut at SPIEL ‘22 in Essen, one to eight players will be picking from a roster of seventy different wild characters. You will be hoping to draw in loyal fans and prestigious trophies as you seek to win many bouts across seven rounds in the ring.

The roster itself is bananas, with each character getting unique abilities sure to shock and stun their opponent. Facing up against each other in the ring are vampires, rubber ducks, heroines and clowns ready to duel to come out as the top challenger.

Mixing up characters with their themes, players will be drafting cards and building a deck that will ensure players branch off into a head-to-head tournament of knock-outs to the top.

Card Preview - Challengers

Card Preview // Challengers!

There is no downtime with each battle played out simultaneously until the final two are determined and each player is knocked out. This will leave players on the edge of their seats with their team of delinquents getting ready to attack.

With strategy at the forefront and due to the diversity of the characters and abilities, it truly is anybody’s game and makes every round’s output completely different.

Although players will be able to snag their own copy during the early stages of October at SPIEL 22, if you are not attending - you can still swag yourself a copy for release in November. Pre-orders have just gone live over on the Z-Man website if you did want to ensure your purchase.

Back Of The Box - Challengers

Back Of The Box // Challengers!

Z-Man has said that there will be more decks to come, so be sure to expect a themed group of unpredictable misfits joining the roster in the future and a constantly running set of options for tournaments.

A game is set to last roughly forty-five minutes depending on how many players there are. There is a solo mode announced, however, gameplay details have not been announced as of yet. Pitched for ages eight-plus, this seems great for a whole family to draft a weird and wonderful team.

What random characters would you like to see join Challengers!? 

"One to eight players will be picking from a roster of seventy different wild characters..."

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