FFG Unbox Journeys In Middle-earth With The Designers!

March 20, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games held a livestream recently where they cracked open The Lord Of The Rings: Journeys In Middle-earth. You can check out the video above with designers Grace and Nathan as they explore the new game coming soon.

Journeys In Middle-earth - Fantasy Flight Games

The designers talked about the characters and how they develop during the campaign as well as just how much you get in the box. A typical quest takes around an hour to play and they said that on top of a whole bunch of story threads to follow you could very easily find yourself spending around twenty hours getting stuck into this game.

Journeys In Middle-earth Layout - Fantasy Flight Games

One of the most important things for a lot of people was the ability to get some replay value out of the product (although who is going to actually finish playing their twenty-hour campaign nowadays?). The designers mentioned that the branching paths offered to players will cater to that as well as a dynamically and randomly generated layout for the campaign map. This, twinned with the Threat tracker which throws lots of different foes and more at you should make for good repeat playthroughs.

Aragorn - Fantasy Flight Games

I know a lot of people aren't wowed by the need for an app to play the game but it sounds very intelligently done and I can't wait to see what kind of curve balls it throws at the players. Also, whilst the renders might not have impressed a lot of people for the characters the miniatures do look rather cool 'in the flesh' so to speak.

I'm still going to wait and see concerning Journeys In Middle-earth as it is a BIG game, not to mention a big money sink too. With Gloomhaven still seeing time on the tabletop with my group it will be hard to justify moving it to the side for this.

The one thing Journeys In Middle-earth has in its favour is the fact that it can be played solo so I could just get it for little ol' me!

Could you see yourself getting sucked into this game?

"...you could very easily find yourself spending around twenty hours getting stuck into this game"

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