Far Cry Beyond Tabletop Game Gets Kickstarter Launch Date

January 31, 2022 by fcostin

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Earlier on in 2021, players were provided with a little mystery from FunForge. With nothing but a logo and announcement, tabletop gamers were left questioning how they would see one of their favourite video game titles translate over to the tabletop. Now with more information and a date to go along with it, FunForge has announced more information around their upcoming board game title Fry Cry: Beyond. Now confirmed to be heading to Kickstarter on March 7th 2022.

Far Cry Beyond - Featured

Far Cry Beyond // Kickstarter Image

Based within the Far Cry Universe from Ubisoft, players will enter Beyond. Where they will be taken back to the 1980s to cooperate in a new spin-off adventure. Players will take the role of six unlikely heroes, as they are tasked to crush a criminal Societ organization causing problems across the globe.

Far Cry Beyond - Spiel Playthrough

Playtesting at Spiel 2021 // Far Cry Beyond

Some lucky individuals had their chance to playtest the current state of the game at Essen Spiel 2021 before much news was released about the game, trailing the mechanics as players become caught up in military politics between the USA and the Soviet Union. Before the game had a chance to head to the crowdfunding platform for some feedback from tabletop gamers.

Funforge have been quite active on their Twitter Page, letting everybody know that the Kickstarter now has a countdown and that you can sign up to be notified on launch. But there is still little to no information regarding the upcoming title and how it relates to the Far Cry universe. Guess we will have to wait and see until March the 7th for the Kickstarter Campaign to see whether we have a new Far Cry experience for fans of the franchise.

What are your views on the upcoming announcement for Far Cry Beyond heading to the Kickstarter? 

"Players will enter Beyond. Where they will be taken back to the 1980s to cooperate in a new spin-off adventure..."

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