Funforge & Ubisoft Partnership Brings Far Cry Beyond In 2022

September 22, 2021 by fcostin

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Another video gaming title is making its way onto the tabletop in 2022, as French publisher Funforge have recently announced their collaboration and partnership with Ubisoft. Sharing in the upcoming title, Far Cry Beyond.

Far Cry Beyond Announcement

Far Cry Beyond Announcement Image // Funforge & Ubisoft

Far Cry fans were already up in arms about the upcoming Far Cry 6 release coming in October this year, and now will have more Far Cry goodness to look forward to atop a new experience within the game world.

As part of a news statement on the Funforge website in a subtle announcement, the page takes you to their social media pages where fans rejoice over the upcoming title.

The line is fading, the merging of video gamers and tabletop gamers is nigh! The crossover between video games and board games is becoming more and more prevalent nowadays. There are more crossed over titles, board games implement apps now, and we use virtual means to play a beloved game online, merely to reach friends anywhere in the world.

With not just churned out releases as it used to be. With both video games and board games being produced for an anticipatingly popular Hollywood title, just because. Rather than the title making a solid experience for fans. Both the video gaming and tabletop gaming industries are so strong at this present day, that more titles are crossing over to get a taste of life on a flat surface.

Resident Evil 3 - Image One

Resident Evil 3 The Board Game // Steamforged Games

If you like Ubisoft, Bethesda or even CD Projekt Red - there are more and more tabletop crossovers from video games. As a person who dips into both, I truly feel that I can get a different and more enriched game experience overlapping the two. As the world I am investing time into is able to grow in front of me, and I am a party to overseeing it.

 What would you like to see from a Far Cry board game?

"The line is fading, the merging of video gamers and tabletop gamers is nigh! "

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