Games Workshop Take A Closer Look At Blood Bowl Season Two

October 19, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off a lot over the weekend and we're starting out with a peek at what's new for the Fantasy Football world of Blood Bowl. The Second Season Edition is on the way with a big new Starter Set to get you going in the game.

Second Season Edition - Bloodbowl

Second Season Edition // Blood Bowl

Get Started In Blood Bowl @ Store.OnTableTop

The new set features a full rulebook which includes all of the teams that are currently available to play as in Blood Bowl. You'll also find the pitch, dice, tokens, templates, board (double-sided), dug-outs and of course the two plastic teams which are entirely new to the game.

Bogenhafen Barons - Blood Bowl

Bogenhafen Barons // Blood Bowl

As a little bit of a bonus for the Humans and Orcs within the Blood Bowl universe, you now have the exceptionally well-funded Bogenhafen Barons who are covered in shiny new gear and wearing big feathered helmets. You've also got the seriously competitive Thunder Valley Greenskins who have decided that it's about time to win games of Blood Bowl without mercy.

Thunder Valley Greenskins - Blood Bowl

Thunder Valley Greenskins // Blood Bowl

Both of the teams comes with a Star Player to get you going in the game. The Human Nobles have Griff Oberwald, a big name from the depths of Blood Bowl lore. The Orcs also have the dangerous and brutal Varga Ghoul-Chewer who is the epitome of a deadly Orc with a "certain set of skills".

I really like the miniatures we're getting in this set, especially the Thunder Valley Greenskins. The real joy of their team is the pack of snarling Goblins who look like they are much, much more deadly than their snivelling counterparts found in other teams. For such a Dwarf fan I do have a love of Goblins it seems...

Blood Bowl Rules & A Big Trailer

Lastly, you'll also be able to get your hands on a pair of Referees who are trying in vain to keep proceedings on an even keel.

Elf & Dwarf Referees - Bloodbowl

Elf & Dwarf Referees // Blood Bowl

You get an Elf who looks like a right stickler for the rules giving a red card to someone who has just broken someone's neck. You've then got the Dwarf who is carrying around the rules as decreed by Nuffle on his back. I imagine there is also a big ol' book of grudges there too for marking down infringements so they can be remembered forevermore.

Second Season Edition Trailer // Blood Bowl

If you're interested in Blood Bowl then it's worth checking out the trailer above and then keeping an eye out for pre-orders soon. This new set is very tempting, especially with a lot of the detail all contained within one book. It does seem like the new Necromantic Horror team are then included in a new issue of Spike! magazine which is a bit of a shame but otherwise, everything is looking good for Blood Bowl.

Are you tempted by this new edition of the game?

"I really like the miniatures we're getting in this set, especially the Thunder Valley Greenskins..."

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