Godtear’s Champions Hit The Tabletop From Steamforged Games

November 26, 2019 by brennon

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Godtear from Steamforged Games is now up on their webstore for you to pre-order ahead of the release on 6th December. It's now time for mighty heroes and their followers to duke it out on the tabletop with two Starter Sets and a bunch of additional packs.

Eternal Glade Starter Set - Steamforged Games

Leading the way we have the two different Starter Sets for you to check out which come with a pair of heroes and their followers plus all of the gubbins you need to play the game. In this one, the Eternal Glade, you get access to Nia, The Crystalmancer and Morrigan, Lich Queen of the Frozen Wastes.

You can also go for a different flavour of Starter Set with The Borderlands.

Borderlands Starter Set - Steamforged Games

In this set, you can instead pick up Finvarr, Lord of Mirages and Titus, The Disgraced. This also means you get a different looking battlefield for you to play out your games and of course all of the additional gubbins we mentioned above like tokens, dice, and cards.

One of the cool things about Godtear is that you get to mix and match a lot of the different characters and bring in Champions from different walks of life to expand upon your allied forces on the tabletop. So, that's where some of the extra packs they have up for pre-order come in!

Expand Your Warband

There are four of them for you to pick up currently...

Blackjaw, The Sweeping Flame

Blackjaw - Steamforged Games

Halftusk, Warden Of The Stonekin Isle

Halftusk - Steamforged Games

Lorsann, The Autumnal Wind

Lorsann - Steamforged Games

Rhodri, Thane Of The Forsaken Holds

Rhodri - Steamforged Games

Each of these sets come with their associated champion plus their loyal followers that you'll also get to draft into service for your games. Crafted from the same material that Steamforged has been using for their Guild Ball teams, these models should be pretty nicely detailed and are more or less ready to play with out of the box if you so wish!

Whilst I'd mostly have been drawn to Rhodri in the past I think that whilst he looks very cool alongside his Dwarf adventurers, Halftusk is catching my eye! I love the idea of playing a big ol' monster in Godtear surrounded by some of his strange minions, the Froglodytes.

It's good to see Godtear smashing down onto the tabletop and hopefully, we'll be seeing it expanding at a pace over the next few months.

What do you make of the release kit for Godtear?

"It's good to see Godtear smashing down onto the tabletop..."

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