Grow The Population During The Black Death In Rattus: Big Box

May 13, 2022 by fcostin

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Z-Man Games have decked out a huge box of Rattus! Brining their new Big Box which includes the core game, and three expansions all in line with a new edition of Rattus. Players will be returning to a world pre-plague, in 1347 AD before the spread of The Black Death.

Rattus Big Box - Z-Man Games

Rattus Big Box // Z-Man Games

Originally released in 2010, players have undergone many different pathways to encourage the population across Europe over the years of the extensive and brutal Plague over several years of regression. Heading into the core box, then expanding to new regions, upping the player count and new modes of play in Pied Piper Expansion, Africanus Expansion, and Academicus Expansion, plus mini-expansions and countless promo cards over the years.

Card And Component Preview - Rattus Big Box

Card And Component Preview // Ratus: Big Box

Z-Man is housing all of the goodness in one box, players will hold strong throughout the enduring plague to settle and progress in hope of growing the population. Taking on professions such as Bakers to help feed the population, Vicars to help rise the level of faith throughout the masses, or the use of witches to magically control the infection.

As the Rats swarm into territories evoking fear in those in the midst of the horror, players will be anticipating the outbreak and encouraging growth across various regions of Europe and Northern Africa.

Game Pieces - Rattus Big Box

Game Preview // Rattus: Big Box

Alongside the original Rattus content, there are some new additions incoming too, bringing new game features, fresh artwork, upgrade tiles, and some unpublished cards to add to the diversity.

The box is choc-a-bloc with content and components. It contains all the tokens, pieces, cards and player boards that you need to throw yourself deep into this deadly fantastical history.

The Rattus: Big Box will be gearing up to release in October, because nothing says spooky season like death, destruction and the Bubonic Plague!

Have you played Rattus before, are you tempted by the release of the Big Box?

"Players will be returning to a world pre-plague, in 1347 AD before the spread of The Black Death. "

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