Become A Hero Of The Hex With Sentinels Tactics!

March 27, 2014 by brennon

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Greater Than Games have taken the world of Sentinels the Multiverse and pushed it on in terms of the narrative. This of course means more possibilities and the biggest of which is Sentinels Tactics which is currently on Kickstarter.

Sentinels Tactics Board

Sentinels Tactics Miniatures

The game sees you playing as the various heroes and villains from the card game but with awesome looking miniatures instead of just cards. There are pledge levels that allow you to get the game with or without the miniatures however. There is even a pledge level for JUST the miniatures themselves.

Omnitron Miniature

You'll be moving around the hex based board using your super powers to defend the city and thwart the evil plans of one of three deadly villains. Above is one of them, Omnitron, who was quite the tank in the card game. His miniatures is fairly huge even if you can't tell scale too well here.

Stretch Goals

The stretch goals are looking to unlock a selection of new artwork, heroes and possible expansions if that ominous box is anything to go by. The world of Sentinels is an ace one and the card game was a huge, huge success. I suggest checking this Kickstarter campaign out based only on the video they did to promote it. The chaps behind this game seem like genuinely awesome fellows.

Do you think you'll be joining in?

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