Become Heroes Of Normandie With Devil Pig Games

March 11, 2013 by brennon

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Devil Pig Games have headed to Kickstarter with a fantastic looking new game that certainly draws on the Hollywood Hero feel you get in World War II movies. Check out Heroes of Normandie (yes they write it this way because their French!)

Heroes of Normandie

In this game you play in squad and platoon size games, taking command of infantry, heroes and big tanks looking to crush the opponent. Every scenario scales up the difficulty and you will learn new mechanics as things progress.


Terrain Cards

Above you can see some of the cards you will be using as units and terrain on the battlefield. The art style looks vibrant and engaging, which does draw you in and mirrors the more over the top tone of this game.

If you want to explore more of this Kickstarter you can head over to their pledge page and read through a few instructions on the mechanics.

Does this appeal to you?

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